Connect Kids

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

Connect.Kids exists to help parents guide children in their faith journey. Our children's ministry comes alongside parents and families to encourage and equip them to be the change in the world around them.
Connect Infants & Walkers
Birth through Age 3
Early Childhood
Ages 4 through Kindergarten
Grades 1 - 5
Connect.Kids Infants & Walkers is specifically designed to help little ones from birth to three years old learn very basic biblical truths in a safe and secure environment. If this is your child's first time in the nursery, please be sure to read 'What You Can Expect' below.
In our Connect.Kids Jr. program, our early elementary ages begin to experience more structure during their time at church. They enjoy learning in big-group and individual classes, as well as art projects and other fun activities.
Connect.Kids is Connect Community Church's ministry for kids in elementary school. The students begin to experience worship times together  and learn together through hands-on activities in small groups.

What You Can Expect

When You Arrive
When you arrive, you will want to check your child in their respective classroom. If it's your first time, stop by Guest Check-In to register your child. It takes about 5 minutes, so you will want to allow a little extra time for this. This is located near the "Connect.Kids" digital sign. Check-in assistants will help you register your child and show you the check-in procedure for future visits. They will also help you find the appropriate classroom for your child.

Service Times
Kids service times are the same as the regular service times:  We have full children's ministry for kids from infants to 11 year olds.  Check-in opens to receive children 15 minutes before each service. We understand that things happen with little ones that may cause a late arrival to church. So, check-in remains open until 20 minutes after each service begins.

This does mean that we have to turn people away when check-in closes, but here's why: In their early years, separation anxiety can make it difficult for kids to be left with others they aren't familiar with. Our children's workers don't mind babies crying as they take the time to lovingly settle them down. But when little ones see someone coming down the hall, they can become unsettled and anxious because they think their mommy or daddy is coming to get them, too. For our older classes, the distraction of someone walking into a classroom mid-service can lead to

If You Are Needed
Please have your mobile phone with you, as Connect.Kids uses text notification to contact you during the service if your little one needs your attention. Also, be ready to submit your mobile number and your mobile carrier (At&T, Verizon, etc), as these are required for using text notification.

Parent Pick-up
Your child will receive a name tag that includes their unique security number. You will also receive a parent tag with this same number. We call this the Parent Pick-up Tag. For safety reasons, no one is allowed to pick up your child without the parent tag you receive, so make sure you hang onto it. It does have a duplicate on the tag, so another parent or family member can have one as well. If you should lose the Parent Pick-up Tag, stop by the Connect.Kids Check-In area.

It’s our hope that you and your child have a wonderful experience at Connect Community Church!

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