The leadership of Connect will be going into 2022  by setting aside time to seek God through prayer and fasting.  We are asking the entire church to join us.  As we go into this time of fasting, we are encouraging a total (liquid only) fast to last anywhere from 1 to 7 days. The fast can be set up anyway you feel like God is leading you for the 21 days Pastor Chad usually starts with a total fast and then intermingles total fasting with the Daniel Fast throughout the rest of the 21 days.  Whatever days are not a part of your total fast plans, should be completed doing the Daniel Fast to get the greatest benefit from seeking God during this time. Click the link below to review the guidelines for the Daniel Fast portion of our 21 days of seeking God.

If you have health issues/concerns or are on any medication that may inhibit your ability to participate in any part of this fast, please check with your doctor.

fast 2022 Prayer Focus'

  • Continued increase in the ability to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in the Seacoast, the Northern New England Region, and to the ends of the earth.
  • Total release from the debt of the church building. 
  • Increased clarity, reach, and effectiveness of our Vision for 2021.
  • Growing effectiveness in seeing people free from addiction.
  • Continued growth of vital ministries - including Rise, Imagine and Missionary Efforts!
  • Increased ability to remodel, repair, and enhance the ministry effectiveness of our facility.